Sunday, January 11, 2015


I have lots to wrap up with regard to 2014 but I wanted to map out my plans for 2015.

Cross train, run more, lose some weight and get and stay healthy.

As to races, I have signed up for the following marathons:
  • Lake Wobegon
  • Med City
  • Minneapolis
  • Grandmas
  • Twin Cities (Ultra Loony Challenge)
  • Mankato
I am sure I may add a few more races as things unfold during the year. At this time I am not planning on running trail races or playing softball as both have caused me issues in getting healthy. The one resolution I did make is that I will not post about injuries as I am tired of doing that even if it's been my reality. I will find other things to write about or I just won't post.

I did find a new quote for 2015, it's from a Jimmy Buffett song called Barometer Soup,

Go fast enough to get there
But slow enough to see
Moderation seems to be the key

With regard to cross training, we joined LA Fitness in November which is allowing me to develop a cross training routine. 

So stay tuned for a 2014 year in review post and additional details on the plans for 2015.


Londell said...

I am at LA as well. Could run into you. I may even star adding some runs in the spring. At this time, I am not going for 31 at Grandma's but who knows.

Mike W. said...

I tend to workout in the morning during the week, I will keep an eye out for you.

Same goes for Grandmas, I will look for you, who knows you may change your mind :-).


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