Saturday, July 22, 2023

About that Lemonade

 An update, turns out the Dr was not correct, I do not have a stress fracture but instead have a deltoid ligament injury and posterior tibial tendinopathy. He was glad he got the MRI results as the treatment is different, still not going to be running in the next week or two but will focus on PT, Ice, etc...., the good news is no boot for 4 weeks.

Since I was shut down from running, I have gotten in 6 bike rides and a walk, the good news is my Dr said I can resume walking (which was good since I did get one in) but only on level surfaces until everything is healed up. 

Does this change my decision for Twin Cities, probably not, but I will wait until my first PT appointment next Tuesday before making any changes to my race plans. 

Who knows if my pain is reduced I might be able to do it, after all it's only 26 miles 😉

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