Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finally getting a post out

Well it's been a while since I have posted and there are a number reasons, some good and some not so good.

I have been running but not as much as I should be, it's been the weather (snow, ice and cold), work (too many crisis's), life (volunteering for robotics and I2TMC conference, procrastination, sickness, snow, ice and cold), you know all of the normal excuses but it means insufficient running as I head into the spring races. I did get through a slow 15 miler today and do still have plans of running the 50k at Chippewa. My foot is back to causing pain but it is different than it was. I went through 3 PT treatments and he seemed to fix the issue until I irritated again but it is in a different spot than where he worked on it. He got rid of the injury from Surf the Murph but I am again convinced it is a sore posterior tibial tendon, irritated by my NB MT110's so those are on hold for now. 

During today's run, when it got really sore I walked and then was able to resume so that will be my plan for Chippewa. I have given up any hope of having a decent time at Chippewa, my goal will be to finish and to have a good time being out there again. I am running just enough to still consider myself a runner and my hope is that as spring arrives I will really get into a consistent patter. I do have to admit though, I am very concerned about running on trails as I have pretty much gone back to running bike paths. I did so as I am sick of running in snow, have I ever mentioned how much I really, really hate snow :-). I was in San Jose last week and I ran 3 days in shorts in 60 degree weather, what a delight, my take on that is if spring gets here I will get in additional runs. Another reason for hitting the bikepaths is I am running Grandmas this year, it will be my 13th Grandmas (in 2013) and is coming 20 years after my first Grandams in 1993. 

One reason for not posting is I am co-leading a running group at my church and have been writing posts for our weekly newsletter (which are posted on our blog called Runners of Hope - feel free to read them, they have been written by me, Tracy or Karyn). The group runs on Saturday mornings and we have around 25 folks signed up but most are fairer weather runners which means we have had anywhere from 1 to 12 runners showing up on Saturday since the club started. The group has a wide range of running abilities from beginners to experienced. Some of you would be amused to watch me run with the faster folks, the truth is they have to slow down a lot but it is helping me get faster.

I am still running in minimalist shoes but have a mix from zero drop with cushion (Altras) to no cushion (Trail Gloves or VFF's) to 4 to 5 mil drop shoes with cushion (PureGrits and MT110's) or no cushion (MT10's). I have a couple pair of size 13 Inov-8's (295's with around 150 miles and 330's with around 50 miles) that I would be happy to donate to anyone that would want them otherwise they are heading to charity. See Wayne I am retiring some shoes that have caused me issues, unless of course I don't give them away ;-).

I will work to get back to consistently posting as I am planning on a few races this year and posting on my progress helps me to keep making it and I do have a few things to say about shoes. So stay tuned.


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