Saturday, February 16, 2019

2019 Goals and 2018 Review

Last year when I was setting goals, I wrote this:

..... this is my primary running goal for 2018:  5o Marathons or beyond completed in Minnesota and then in 2019 I can run 4 more MN marathons meaning: 50 marathons completed in Minnesota

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I went for it last year but a few things got in my way which meant I ended the year at "49 marathons or beyond" completed in Minnesota. I had signed up for the races to reach the goal but the MedCity marathon was shortened for heat and the one I intended to add as a replacement (Walker) was canceled.

So this year, my goal is to finish that out and get to 50 and if all goes as planned to get to 50 pure for Minnesota marathons and add in a few additional states as I meander towards my marathon in every state goal. One other goal I am debating and hope to go for is to run a 100k race in August (Badger Trail 100k) to celebrate my anticipated 62nd birthday the following month. I will discuss a few additional goals for 2019 in a future post.
How would I describe 2018, another mixed year for my running and life. I had many highs and a few lows and the lows are definitely helping keep my true priorities in life in sync.

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  1. Watching my granddaughter grow up
  2. Enjoying the success of my daughters (they are doing great in their jobs but they are both outstanding young ladies and continue to be a joy as they continue to grow and mature)
  3. Time spent with the family
  4. Participating at FANS 12 hour and stopping after 8 hours to celebrate my anniversary
  5. Completed Grandma's again
  6. Finished the Ultra Loony (charter member continues)
  7. Finished 6 marathons (Lake Wobegon, Grandma's, Mill Race, TCM, Hartford and Mankato which included adding 2 more states - Connecticut and Indiana) 
  8. Finished an ultra (FANS)
  9. Galloway method continues to work
  10. Was able to run or at least participate in many races thanks to the Galloway method (see 3 below)
  1. First marathon was the fastest just like last year, go figure (or is that a good thing)
  2. Disruptive work life
  3. Struggled with coughing and shortness of breath, will write more on this in the future but the Galloway method was the only reason I got through any runs as I was unable to run for more than 2 minutes and normally was coughing/gasping after the first minute.
  4. Had another brother die in December
As to 2019, I am looking forward to keeping all things in perspective and working to cherish the important things in life which are my family, my faith and my running which helps me keep it all together both mentally and physically.


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