Saturday, September 7, 2019


I have debated getting my blog going again but I think my issues with my running and my stress from work and life have just taken my desire to write anything away.

Well I have progress to report on my running and my work.

With my running I have had issues breathing and coughing since I was sick in January of 2018, I had a nasty flu with an even nastier chest cough. I had just switched jobs at work and it was a month after my brother had died. After I recovered or thought I had, every time I tried to run I had an uncontrolled coughing attack and experienced shortness of breath after only a minute of running. It was winter in MN which didn't help but it didn't bother me as I told myself it can take a few weeks and I am just reacting to the cold air. We went to Florida in Feb and it was worse then in MN, that caught me off guard, I continued to depend on the Galloway run-walk method to get my training in for my upcoming marathons. Although, I tried to run in April, May and June without being able to, it was weird and very bothersome. As although my brother had died of lung cancer he had other lung issues and oddly enough his issues had started 5 years before his death after being extremely sick. My brother was 5 years older than me so I can admit know this cough and shortness of breath had me a a little nervous.

The good news is in July of 2018 I started seeing Dr's, turns out my lungs and heart were given a clean bill of health (of course this took many months seeing multiple Dr's and having way too many tests) but I was not able to run beyond a minute, two max. Well after many more visits, it's caused by 3 things which came together as a by-product of that January sickness. I have been diagnosed with probable allergies (allergy medicines), mild asthma (singulair, maintenance inhaler and an emergency inhaler) and vocal cord dysfunction (retraining my body to breathe). This week I successfully ran/walked 4 miles in Lebanon Hills which is not earth shaking news, the news was I ran non-stop for a mile. I have work to do as I figure things out further but I am seeing a path forward. For my upcoming marathons I will still do the run-walk as that way I can avoid (minimize) the triggers that lead to the breathing and coughing.

With regard to my work, I informed my boss that I intend to retire in March of next year. Makes the hostile work environment (caused by a single VP) we are all experiencing tolerable as I am on a countdown and working to add a few distractions. Next up is I have the UltraLoony weekend, followed by Mankato and San Antonio with a thought of running Madison between Mankato and San Antonio so I can skip the need for a long run. Followed by a family vacation to Florida in January. Well you get the idea, lots of things to keep me distracted from work.

I looked in my blog post section and saw that I have over 10 posts started (most are race reports from the Grandma's, Maui, FANS, TCM, Med City, Mill Race, Hartford, etc...). So I intend to start working my way through those, probably have said that before but this time I think it will happen.


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