Saturday, June 14, 2014

Grandmas is a ?

I met with my Dr yesterday and I got a green light for walking and biking and a yellow light with regard to running. My stitches were removed and he checked out the knee, he was pleased with the amount of swelling left and figured in a few more weeks I would be able to resume all activities.

We discussed the surgery, he showed me the pictures of the tear and that I had minimal arthritis. I asked about how much meniscus I had left and he said not as much as he would like and not much functionality is left with what I do have although he then said my knee should be good for another 20 to 30 years. I of course asked about resuming running. He advised me that if I can walk pain free and then bike pain free, I could attempt to do a short run-walk and if it all went well then I could proceed with caution. He did advise against lateral moving sports and impact sports like basketball and stated that he preferred his patients to wait 4 weeks for running. I asked about Grandmas (I told him it would be about 3 1/2 weeks after surgery) and he said well, that might be more stress than he would recommend although he seemed more concerned with my muscles being weak from the inactivity or about a stress fracture. I took the conversation as it would be my choice as I was not given a definitive no but instead advised to not run if I have pain.

So the debate in my head is underway, should I do Grandmas?

I decided yesterday that I wouldn't push it but if I can meet my criteria then I might try. I am bit worried about the conditioning lost over the last couple of weeks but if I do it, it will be to complete it in the time limit and to do no harm. This means that the debate now begins, should I do it? Can I do it? What if I fail? Would doing this be sabotaging myself again? Or is this just me being me?

My status is that I am close to having full range of motion, walking is almost pain free and biking today was pain free, so in the next few days I will try a short walk-run-walk. If that goes well and by well I mean, I need to be able to do one minute of running then one minute of walking for 3 to 5 miles with no pain or I will not do Grandmas.

Repeat if you have pain you will not run Grandmas, if you have pain you will not run Grandmas, if you have pain you will not run Grandmas.................................................

Stay tuned.


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