Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Moose Mountain Decision time

I started this post yesterday as I was planning on running Moose Mountain no matter what. I decided to not post as I knew I was struggling with what my body is telling me and what my mind believes it can do.

Here are my last 5 weeks of training:

So even if my foot was healthy would running Moose Mountain be a good choice?

I had endured four days of running over the Labor day weekend and noticed a pattern that didn't bode well. Pain at the start was initially manageable but after 1 to 2 miles the pain increased to where I couldn't run. After each run it took ice and some carefully placed steps to make it seem like I had not caused damage.

The report is in, my Doctor called and said I have a partially torn plantar fascia and running is not advised. When I do resume running he recommends support to protect the fascia. He confirmed what I knew, the hard step while rounding third was a costly one. He said I should have had it looked at sooner and he would have had me in boot with no weight bearing for a week or two. He figures it is at least an 8 week recovery and didn't believe my delay had caused any additional damage, of course I had the MRI last Friday before I resumed running but I don't think I did any more harm. By my reckoning, I am in week 5 so I should have only 3 more weeks to go.

Tonight I was talking with my wife about whether I should run and I admitted to her that doing so wouldn't be a good choice. We discussed the injury and what I could have or should have done. Anyway, as we discussed it I told her that I had planned on taking the crutches with us this weekend as I knew after 26 miles I wouldn't be able to walk, she found that I was considering bringing crutches to be somewhat funny. I thought it was simply good planning.

Of course this means no Moose Mountain, no Walker and ramping my mileage for TCM might be a bit problematic but it still is possible.

I guess this year has taught me signing up early may not be the best choice at least for me.


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