Thursday, April 13, 2017

Another update (yes long overdue)

The UltraLoony was completed and I thoroughly enjoyed running each event with my family. What a thrill for me to run the 10k with my wife, the 5k with my eldest daughter and then to run (ok start) the marathon with my youngest daughter and watching the granddaughter run in the toddler trot.

It was a great weekend and the joy of seeing the smiles from each member as they enjoyed their experience, I will never forget.

They all did great and I got through them all. It was not my wisest choice and I have held off on posting as I wanted to understand if I had done any longer term damage and what the solution for me knee is. Long story short, each race hurt and TCM was not pleasant after the 1/2 way point especially but I hobbled through.

Back to the knee, well since I started this after TCM and it's now April, I guess I gave it time, right?

Anyway, the knee is kind of ok, I did some PT as I debated surgery, injections and other things that didn't thrill me. Well the PT helped along with throttling back and I am hopeful to avoid anything. I am now ramping up my mileage for the Flying Pig, then Med City, then Grandma's. So all is well, I have pain but as long as I stay on roads it's manageable. I still hope to get back to trails later this year but am happy to just be able to run.

I have a lot of posts, I need to write to catch up the blog and will see if I can, one thing I will give an update on is shoes. I finally found some Hoka's that seem to work for me. I bought them from Running Warehouse at pretty extreme discounts. The first pair are the Infinite and the second pair are Clayton's. I also picked up a pair of Brooks PureCadence 5's and another pair of Altra Provisions.

More posts will follow,................


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