Sunday, July 10, 2016

Afton 25k

Afton Trail RunWhen Minneapolis got canceled I decided to go for the 25k at Afton, my original thought was to go for the 50k and then decided no better go for the 25k as with no runs on trails this year the 50k would not be a good idea.

Well, turns out the 25k probably wasn't a good idea. Initially I felt great, running at Afton again felt so good. Kind of like going home, it just felt right. The first 5k went really well, then when I came down a hill in the back forty, the knee kind of buckled or I guess it was more of a wobble and from that point on, it was just about getting through it. I could not run down hill very well at all. By the time I got to meat grinder, I couldn't walk down the hill, I had to turn sideways and kind of side step my way down.

I made it eventually to the finish, it was great seeing some familiar trail faces but I will need to figure something out to be able to run trail :-(.


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