Sunday, April 10, 2016

Race updates

Yup a bit overdue.

I used to post my race plans for the year in early January, well that hasn't happened and to get the year off to not so good start, I started the race season with a DNS at Zoom Yah! Yah!. Turned out besides my poor training I went into the race weekend trying to recover from being sick all week. The day before ZYY, I went to the club and tried to get in a couple miles on the treadmill and couldn't make a mile so I pulled the plug.

As to this year, we have a lot of things going on in May (youngest daughter's graduation and oldest daughter's wedding) followed by the start of my marathon season.

Med City Marathon -- May 29th

FANs Volunteer -- June 4th
Minneapolis Marathon -- June 5th
Grandma's Marathon -- June 18th

Afton 25k or 50k? -- July 2nd
Turtle Trot Triathlon -- July 16th

St. Paul Urban -- August 20th

Marquette Marathon -- September 3rd
Walker Marathon  -- September 17th
Mill Race Marathon -- September 24th

Twin Cities Marathon (Ultra Looney) -- October 8 & 9th
Surf the Murph (tbd) -- October 22nd

Dates in green are paid for races, yellow are under consideration

You can see I am sticking with the MN marathons and 50k's for this year but with our youngest out of college my wife and I can renew the 50 state marathon quest going forward.

Any recommendations?


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