Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And so it goes, once again

Well, here I go again. I have the St. Paul Urban Trail Marathon in 10 days and I haven't run but once in the last 12 days as my foot is preventing me from running and hurting quite a bit while I walk. I did read that I could run with my probable injury (a bruised heel, fat pad contusion, whatever...........) as if it hurts when walking then running will do no more harm. I just have wimped out and I am not motivated enough to run through the pain.

Back to the Urban Trail, my money is paid, what do I have to lose Wow this seems familiar, and training for a marathon is overrated, right?

I am hoping that in a couple of days the foot will not hurt and I can run, if not then I will need to ponder things for a few more days. After the Urban Trail marathon I will have 2 weeks to train for Moose Mountain. The nice thing about Moose Mountain is that it has a 14 hr time limit and I would need to maintain about a 30 min/mile pace to make the cutoffs. If my foot gets healed and I can run some then even on that trail, I think I can do it.

So I will need to make the no go call over the weekend. The question is do I run it or not???????

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Running drama continues

What a year it has been, back last Christmas I decided to run all of the marathons of Mnnesota and it seemed like a really good and doable plan to get my running back on track. Well, I got off track before the first one with the meniscus tear and have proceeded into all the marathons thus far in pain. I have added an additional goal to be pain free for all of the remaining ones at least at the start line :-). Here is my summary on the first 6 of 12:
  1. Run for the Lakes - Meniscus tear 6 weeks ahead of it, had cortisone shot a few days ahead of it and used the Galloway method which got me to the finish
  2. Lake Wobegon - Tried the same process but had too much pain and was afraid of doing more damage so I dropped at 18 miles
  3. Med City - Dropped down to the 1/2 and hobbled through it with the hope that if it went well then proceed to Minneapolis
  4. Minneapolis - Had knee surgery 2 days ahead of it so my plan was a DNS, then they canceled the race for thunderstorms.
  5. Grandmas - Decided to try it with 2 short runs behind me, ended up making it but there was a bit more to the story no known damage done.
  6. Eugene Curnow - Chose to not start to give the knee some recovery as I was having too much pain running trails.
Which brings us to my next marathon the St. Paul Urban Trail which is now just 2 weeks away. My plan was to start this one without pain and enough training to make it enjoyable.

All was going ok (although not great) as I worked my mileage up. During this training, I have come to realize that my knee pain is gone but occasionally I step funny and it feels like it wobbles which causes some intense pain. I am pretty sure this is by product of not having any functional medial meniscus left. I have been working to strengthen the muscles around it but it's still a bit of a learning process. Trail running is the toughest so Moose Mountain might take a little longer than I would like.

Well like I said all was going well until last Thursday I ran in Lebanon and then played softball. The run in LH tweaked the knee and then at softball as I was rounding third I landed on my left foot and had immediate pain in my heal. I hobbled on and finished the games but between the knee wobble and the heel pain, it wasn't much fun. Unfortunately the next day I couldn't bear any weight on that leg at all. I debated going to get it looked at but figured it would just waste my time. I was able to walk kind of by putting on a shoe. Without the shoe, no way.

Today was my first attempt at a run and it worked sort of, I am still not pain free by any stretch but I was able to run in LH using a run-walk method. I did have a few wobbles so that still needs some work and I tried to not let the heel hit the ground which may be a problem on longer runs.

So tomorrow I will try to run longer (somewhere between 12 and 20 miles) (amended on 8/10, wasn't able to run, biked 20 miles instead) and then continue to get into a daily running habit over the next week and then hopefully I will be able to do the marathon. Ideally I will be pain free by then and have just enough training to finish under their 6 hour cut-off.

One other thing, since Minneapolis got canceled which means I couldn't complete my goal of running all of the Minnesota outdoor marathons, I have decided to not run Bemidji and instead will plan to do the 50k at Surf the Murph.

That way I can start feeling like an ultra runner again. Of course I will need to finish it to get that feeling which means I have to get over these injuries and not have any more. That sounds so simple but for me has been so hard.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

And so it goes

I was supposed to run the Eugene Curnow Marathon last weekend and after chatting with Lisa at mile 18 of Grandmas and an honest evaluation of the state of my knee, I chose to not attempt it.

I decided that a slower mileage ramp for the St. Paul Urban Trail marathon made a lot more sense. I got in an 11 mile run over the weekend and well I have some issues to resolve. I had knee tweaks throughout the run even though I did a run-walk, funny thing though my knee seemed to tweak more during the walking. Some would say then run the whole way, problem is I am not in good enough shape to do that. So my slower ramp over the next 6 weeks is a good plan. Later as I cleaned up our garage from our camping trip the knee kind of buckled which caused some intensity.

So I am doing my own version of physical therapy that I found on the web, "rehab for a meniscus tear", hopefully it will strengthen the surrounding muscles and that will help things out.

Here is the mileage ramp I intend (hope :-) to maintain for the Urban trail marathon:

Date Long Run
07/20/14 14
07/27/14 17
08/03/14 20
08/10/14 22
08/17/14 12
08/24/14 St. Paul Urban Trail Marathon

I have about a week cushion at most so I hope things hold together, the nice part is if I have to take another step back I still have 4 or 5 more marathons scheduled for this year. 

My goal is stay healthy and to improve in each event as reflected by ability to enjoy what I have on that day.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Knee follow-up

I had meant to post this when I saw it but forgot about it. It was from my follow-up with my Doctor for my knee I went to Twin City Orthopedics and they provide an online site so that you can see medical history, appointments, etc.....

Anyway here are the notes:

History of Present Illness

Michael returns 15 days out from a left knee arthroscopy (DOS: 5/29/14). He states that he is doing well. He denies any pain in the knee.
HPI: The patient reports no pain and no swelling. The patient also reports not using an assistive device for ambulation.
PE: The surgical incision site clean, dry and intact.

Michael is doing well at this time. He can get back into full activities. I will see him in four weeks if problems, otherwise as needed.

Ok, I wonder what he meant by "He denies any pain in the knee"? Denies, compared to before surgery it didn't hurt, oh well. You can see by his summary that he did give me the conditional go ahead to resume activities and yes we discussed running Grandmas, he just cautioned me to take it slow and to not run through pain.


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