Sunday, June 23, 2019

Grandma's 2019

I completed my 19th Grandma's yesterday (and 50th marathon or longer just in MN) and I think it was marathon number 62). It was a beautiful day with a strong, sometimes cold tailwind.
Grandma's Marathon
I love the event and had wanted to have a good running day but my poor training aggravated by my asthma (still trying to figure it out) resulted in a slow race. I was using the Galloway method (30-30) but maybe I still went out a little too fast even though it didn't feel that way as around mile 8, I lost my breath (with major coughing), I tried the rescue inhaler, it helped but I never fully recovered. It's kind of like it freaked me out so I just couldn't get back in rhythm, so I still have some work to do to figure it out.

Miles 13 to 18 were a struggle but I had a few highlights, as it was during this stretch I saw Jeff Galloway running and I thanked him for his run-walk program as without it I wouldn't be able to do any running events. Then around mile 17 (I think, I know it was at my low point) as I was frustrated by the coughing and breathing issues and feeling sorry for myself, I saw a sign that said something like "it's ok to struggle, it's not ok to give up, be brave like Gabe", instant motivation and it helped me figure out a way to get to thru the remaining miles.

After the race Karyn and I had our Sammy's pizza in Cloquet and then decided to drive down to Canal Park, we were able to walk the lakefront, it's beautiful. As we walked, Karyn got a phone call, as she was talking, I got an email giving us the news that one one of my former co-workers son had been killed the night before. Wow, what an instant life moment to put things in perspective. The young man was 19, We have known his Dad and Mom for 35+ years, I had played softball with his father and him. Devastating to see someone so young taken.

As to Grandma's, I love the event and can't wait to run my 20th Grandma's on June 20th, 2020.


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