Monday, January 4, 2016

Time to catch up - 2015 stats

Well, I am long overdue in posting so I will do a short summary of my fall and then add in my 2015 stats.

When I last posted I was heading to run the Mankato marathon. I decided to DNS and instead I got a Doctor's appointment. We discussed my options, and agreed that the best option was for me to go in for PT. I did and was pleasantly surprised to get the probable cause for my Posterior Tib Tendonitis. The root cause, a pathetically weak core. I flunked all of the hip stability and strength tests. She provided me with some simple exercises (Clam shell, Bridge with leg lifts plus a few more) and she recommended more supportive and higher heel drop shoes to take any pressure off of the tendon. The initial assessment is it is working, I am running pain free for the first time and like forever. I have a long ways to go but am on track.

As far as 2015 goes, I endured 6 marathons for the year (Lake Wobegon, MedCity, Minneapolis, Grandmas, Walker and the TCM Ultra Loony Challenge, the Turtle Trot Tri and the Gobble Gait 8k) and that's my year. I say endure as every step of each race hurt to some degree and the more steps I took the more pain I got to endure.

I found this cartoon of Sylvester the cat and I think he has nicely captured what I have done to myself. My continuing to run through injury after injury has proven to be an unwise choice and what's funny my core has been weak since I popped something and had a lot of hip flexor issues.

Anyway, I am on track for a better 2016. I have my first race scheduled for next Sunday, the Zoom Yah! Yah! indoor marathon in Northfield, MN. My only issue is very poor training in late December where a combination of weather, sickness and work had me miss out on my final 2 or 3 long runs. Add in the normal poor December diet habits and well it could be a challenge and possibly a stupid way to start the year. So is it a good idea to try a marathon with a couple of long runs of 13 miles?

As to 2015, here are the stats:

Miles - 1140 miles
High mileage month - May, 148 miles
Low mileage month - February, 66 miles 

Weekly Avg. - 2192 miles
Longest run - 26.2 miles

Average run - 5.38 miles
Consecutive days - 8
Max days run in a week - 7

Average days run/week - 4.08
Total days run this year - 212

Weekday runs - 46.3% of available days
Weekend runs - 85.6% of available days

Events Participated in
Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon - Sat 5/9th - Completed
Race for the Cure 5k - Sun, 5/10th - Completed
Med-City Marathon - 5/24th - Completed 
Minneapolis Marathon - 5/31st - Completed
FANS 12 hr - Sat 6/6th - Volunteered

Grandmas Marathon - 6/20th - 15th Grandmas in 2015 - Completed
Turtle Trot Triathlon - 7/18th - Completed
Walker/North Country Races - 9/19th - Completed
Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon - Ultra Loony Challenge - Completed
Mankato Marathon - 10/18th - DNS
Surf the Murph 25k - Sat 10/24th - Volunteered 
Gobble Gait 8k - Thur 11/26th - Completed


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