Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Congrats to all who attempted Superior........

Ok, this post is strictly for me. I am inspired, intimidated and in awe of all who attempted Superior last weekend, be it the marathon, 50 or the 100. I dabbled with thoughts of doing the 50 this year and for a variety of reasons just did not go for it. The 50 is on my calendar for next year. It just sounds like too much fun not to try.

So I will start my planning now to get to the 50, trained and healthy, so why is this post for me, well, real simple I am pasting in links to all of the blogs I read for inspiration to train for the next 12 months. When the darkness comes, the cold descends, the trails turn icy than snowy, I will pull out this post, click on these links, soak in your craziness and then get my rear out the door.

My thanks to all of those who shared their journey both the final result and all of your other posts that documented your path to the starting line. I have picked up many things that I will need to work through over the next 12 months.

Adam's blog - joe-ziegenfuss-race-report
Adam's report
Brent's report
Carl's report
Christian's report
Helen's report
Julie's report
Karen's report
Kel's report
Keith's report
Londell's report
Matt's report
Nolan's report - added 9/16
Steve's report

So the plan is the Superior 50 in 2009 and who knows maybe the Superior 100 in 2010, that kind of looks like the makings of a great goal with a catchy intro - 50 in 9, 100 in 10..................


SteveQ said...

Glad my race was inspirational rather than cautionary! 100 miles is a different world from the marathon and that course is just sick.

I'm already planning my comeback. See you at the starting line!

MN Ultra Runner said...

Good to hear you'll be there next year Westy!

Matthew Patten said...

One of the things that kept me going all year was knowing people were watching blog.


the experience of running down the final stretch on the dirt road. I know recall turning to the guy I was running with and said "see this? this is the Road to 100!"

that finish is awesome for all distances (25K, Marathon, 50K, 50M, 100M).

See you there next year..... at an aid station.


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