Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Runners Round Table

Well, I did it again, I hosted the runners round table episode 61 with Albert (Albert Runs) and Lesley (Going the Extra Mile). We interviewed Jan Seeley and Joe Henderson from Marathon & Beyond magazine. You can get more info about the show on the runners round table website including a link to the podcast.

I have to admit it was really cool to get to talk with Jan and Joe (I had previous talked with them about the show along with Rich Benyo from Marathon & Beyond, heck that was great to). To be able to have a conversation with the publisher (Jan), editor (Rich Benyo) and a columnist (Joe) from a magazine, especially one I love is great. To be able to talk to an author like Joe (I think I have read at least 6-8 of his books), I was like wow, he is a legend.

It's safe to say I have no future in radio or as an interviewer but just ignore me and listen to every one else. So check it out.


Londell said...

Modest... I thought you did a great job but really thought putting the idea if the st 100 out there may have hooked you. But you are a conservative guy and that may by why I am on the sidelines and you are not. Again, you were great and thanks for sharing.

Colin Hayes said...

I also thought you did a great job! That was a cool show. I, too, have followed Joe Henderson since I started running in the early '80s. Anyway, nice job!


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