Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lebanon Hills Trail Series Ground Rules

On tonight's run in Lebanon Hills it all became clear. I started the run feeling stressed about things. I told myself give it a mile and see what happens.

Well, the magic happened, I started processing things and got to thinking about the Southern Minnesota Trail Club sponsored Lebanon Hills Trail Series

I thought about how should I get this virtual group going and it became clear. I will post courses for folks to run, when 3 people post a comment/time that they completed the course on the post then it's an official race in the series. The time limit to post that you completed the course will be the calendar year so take your time but get the courses run. 

So I plan to post a lot of courses and we can see if 2 other people take up the series. I say 2 as I count as 1 and yes I will rerun the course after it is posted. So the plan is to do it as a test case this fall with a full series to begin in January. Who knows if I get three people we may have to go for T-shirts and prizes to participants in the series. One thing about the courses, in the summer I plan to avoid the horse trails and in the winter we will avoid the XC trails. I thought I should be a good citizen and honor the park rules. One other thing, I will occasionally post other course sites, the rule is that they need to be south of the Mississippi/Minnesota Rivers or 94/494 and in MN. 

The goal of this series is simple, motivation and something to do for those of us that live south of the river. So look for future courses to appear over the next few weeks. 


Anonymous said...

Great idea Westy! Can anyone post a course? Thanks for staying off the ski trails!

SMNTC said...

Glad you like the idea. Just email me the info and I will post it. If you want to post directly I can look into getting you access.

Gunther said...

I see that this is an older post but I am looking to go trail running in Lebanon Hills soon and was looking for a good 6 mile route. What is my best bet?

Mike W. said...

Gunher, it is older but if you go to the other blogsite I set up you will see that I posted a few different loops at Lebanon, one of which is a 6 miler.



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