Sunday, November 27, 2011

Afton Fun Run (amended on 11/28th)

Ran yesterday out at Afton State Park, it was the annual post Thanksgiving FatAss put on by John Storkamp. The pace was slow even for me which was good as almost everyone there was fast and it would be easy to get lost from each other as we weren't on any of the traditional trails. We were on deer trails that are only visible once the leaves are down, actually I am pretty sure some of the trails we created during the event. Actually we did get separated a few times but we always ended up finding each other or they circled back and found us.

I updated this post with some comparison info to the normal 25k loop course per Wayne's request. Take a look as it does add some interesting data.

Take a close look at the summary and note that we were out for 3:53:34 with a total stopped time of 1:58:43, that pretty much sums up the event. My Garmin said we went 9.3 miles but when I synced it in SportTracks it jumped up to 9.9 miles, so we probably went a little over 10 miles as I forgot to turn it on at the start (you can see the gap from the start to the finish). We were in areas of the park that I have never seen before nor would be able to find again.

Afton FatAss Summary

Afton 2010 25k Loop Summary

Did you notice how the elevation summaries are similar in climb even though the mileage is markedly different?

Afton 2011 FatAss course

Afton 2010 25k Loop Course

Afton FatAss Loop

Afton 25k Loop

What a lot of fun, the aid stations, the company, the trails and the pot luck afterward were all great. My pictures didn't turn out, hopefully some of the others who took pictures post them. As for me, I plan to do this event every year (or at least those years that we don't have snow :-).


SteveQ said...

I've been all through that park and done these same trails - but still would have trouble finding things! My photos also didn't come out.

wildknits said...

Thanks for posting the course, not knowing the park well I was guessing at where we were almost the whole time. Thankfully, the park has some good maps posted so once I became separated I was easily able to make my way back to the gathering spot. I am guessing I got in about 8 miles, maybe more.

Sorry I missed out on the swim - that would have been a hoot to watch!

Wayne said...

What a fun event... nice seeing and running with you. Think you could get a pic showing this course and the regular loop? :)

Mike W. said...

Wayne, I added in the 25k loop from 2010 for comparison.

Lisa - thanks for the reminder on the swim, not sure a free entry would be worth it.

Steve - your pictures turned out ok, I am glad I got to see these trails although many I will be ok to skip until next year.

Adventure Racing said...

It sounds so great, thanks for sharing. Congratulations to all the participants for a great job well done and looking forward always for more updates.


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