Sunday, November 11, 2012

2013 Draft Race Schedule

As I am sitting watching my Bears, I thought about my running in 2012 and what I plan to do next year. All things considered 2012 should be a disappointment instead I am viewing it as a transition year and transitions take time.

For me though, 2013 needs to be the year that the transition is completed and I redeem myself as a marathoner and ultrarunner. I may not make much progress on my 50 state quest but after I get my myself back into marathon and ultra shape I will be totally ok delaying the state quest. Then again, if you look closely at my draft plan you will see a couple new states and who knows maybe I can sneak in a 3rd or 4th one ;-).

This winter will be about building the base and recommitting to running with a purpose, so I will have the margin I need. Should be a fun challenge and a goal worth working on.

Here's the first draft of a race schedule for next year.

Winter Carnival 1/2 marathon - Jan 26th - Something to do
? - Will need to find some short distance races
Get Lucky 1/2 marathon - Mar 16th - Build slowly, sure 
Zumbro 17, MN - Sat 4/13th - Start out slow and don't overdue the dstance early
Chippewa 50k, WI - Sat 4/27th - Need to finish it smiling, Redemption race 1
Ice Age 50k - Sat 5/11th - Would like to do it one year
Superior 50k - Sat 5/18th - Need ot choose one of these two events
Fargo Marathon - Sat 5/18th  - A fun event and my wife and daugher want to do the 1/2
Minneapolis Marathon - Sat 6/3 - Again, I will need to chose one of these two events
FANS 12 hr - Sat 6/3
Grandmas Marathon - Sat 6/22nd - 13th Grandmas in 2013, makes sense
Afton 50k - Sat 7/6th - Did the 25k last year, time to do the 50k again, Redemption race 2
Marquette 50k - Sat 8/17th - Would be nice to get Michigan done
Superior 50 - Sat 9/7th - Volunteer Friday, RaceSaturday as I need this one Redemption race 3
Twin Cities Marathon - 10/6th - If I do Grandmas, it makes sense to do another TCM
Wild Duluth 50k???
Surf the Murph 50k - Sat 10/26th - Final race for my redemption, Redemption race 4
Rails to Trails Marathon - Sun 11/2nd - Would be fun to do the marathon
Gobble Gait 8k - Thur 11/21st
Tecumseh Trail Marathon - Sat 12/7th - What a great way to finish the year, racing in Indy


Anonymous said...

Good luck, Westy! Have a great winter! Give yourself some rest. See you at Lebanon.

John K.

Londell said...

Wow, Agressive... Making me think I should make a plan more than "finish Grandma's"... Stay healthy!


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