Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2012 Review

I started my year in review post about a month back but I struggled to sum up 2012 with a positive view. Then I listened to a podcast from TrailRunnerNation titled "Unpacking Pandora’s Box with Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman"and it caused me to pause. It was kind of a rambling conversation but then at one point, they were talking about DNF's and when and why you should and how we all need to remember that even a DNF means we tried to do something most people do not. I have heard this before but it never really registered but for some reason it did this time. So although I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to do in 2012, I did get out there and I improved over 2011.

  • 1016 miles, number 9 of 22 for the most miles (counting year 1 which only was a month of running back in 1991)
  • 117 miles in October, most of any month for the year
  • 51 miles in November, fewest of any month as I worked through the injury from Surf the Murph
  • 5 events entered: 1 DNF (injury), 1 drops in distance (injury), 3 went as planned, kind of
  • Converted to minimalist running and zero drop shoes
  • Ankle injury resolved and appears to be in the past
Executive Summary: Injuries, setbacks, motivation, weight yet hope, changes, new initiatives and focus regained.
  • Injuries - continued to have issues with the ankle through mid year, led to me dropping at Chippewa, after that I went minimalist, the ankle is sound again but torqued a foot at Surf the Murph and finished the year once again working on getting healthy.
  • Setbacks - calf issue, foot and ankle, gained back weight that was loss after injury setbacks.
  • Motivation - without it, I don't get out the door. Work drains it, anticipation of races rejuvenate it.
  • New Initiatives - went minimalist in May, felt good, ankle proprioception improved. Working on zero drop 
  • Focus - work life balance is critical, I need to commit to keeping work in perspective and meet my families needs and my running needs as I need to get in my runs which should lead to weight loss and motivation gains.
  • Changes - Focusing now on more road runs with a speed twist to build strength and finishing the conversion to zero drop.
  • Hope - Altra shoes, love them.
The goal for 2013 is take what I can when I can and to cherish every event, run and moment that I will experience on the trails and the roads.


wildknits said...

Westy - impressive total mileage considering all that was going on!

Here is to continued healing and attaining those goals - looking forward to seeing you on the trail!

Mike W. said...

Thanks Lisa

Londell said...



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