Friday, July 5, 2013

Plans for July, another option?

I was thinking about taking time off for my calf/foot issue until I was completely pain free and how I wasn't going to sign up for a race until I was healthy. I thought about it a bit more and concluded, nope that ain't me at all. I love running too much to take time off. I know that I run long distances because it is hard for me and I love the challenge and dealing with injuries is part of the challenge. I need the pressure of a race to get my training in. With the pressure of training if I am in pain then sometimes I go in to get it checked out and worked on, granted I sometimes don't. Of course, the down side is if I sign-up I tend to run the event or make the attempt, it's why I ran Grandmas, so I am actively scouting for fall events. Surf the Murph 50k is going to be a given soon. Twin Cities I was going to sign up for but it's full and I would have to sign-up under a charity contribution so it would cost an extra $100 which I am starting to rationalize in my head.

I also am considering the Mill Race Marathon which is a first time event in my home town in late September. Sure would be fun to do. Of course there is the Tecumseh Trail Marathon in Indiana which has been the event I want to do which is in early December. The fun part is trying to find events and I have a couple of weeks to figure it out.

As of yesterday, I have resumed running as the foot is starting to come around. I think with a lot of self massage, some ice and patience I will get it pain free. If not, what's one more marathon in pain. I did have kind of a revelation with regard to my foot while I was on my run. I was thinking how using Kinesio tape has helped take the pressure off of the PTT and how the issue started after I tore my calf and then it hit me,why haven't I used the Kinesio tape on the calf? If the foot pain was caused by the calf then treating the foot probably won't solve the issue. So I have taped the calf and I will see if that helps out. I still remember all too well my Doctors comment (from 2 years back) about the ankle and calf injuries I went to see him for, he said the ankle will be good in another month or so but the calf may bother you for a lot longer. Dang if he wasn't right.

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Thorlos SM said...

Hi this is Jen at Thorlo. Do you know what is causing the foot pain? Email me sometime at I may be able to help you with your foot pain. Thanks!


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