Saturday, November 23, 2013

2014 Race Schedule

Well I have given it a bit more thought and I think I am ready to commit, I checked with Karyn on our run this morning and she was ok with it and thought it sounded like a fun goal, so here goes, this is my 2014 race schedule:

Date Event Days between
01/12/14 Zoom! Yah! Yah! Indoor MarathonZoom! 50
04/26/14 Brainerd Jaycees Run for the Lakes 104
05/10/14 Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon 14
05/25/14 Med-City Marathon 15
06/01/14 Minneapolis Marathon 7
06/21/14 Grandmas Marathon 20
07/12/14 Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon 21
09/06/14 Moose Mountain Marathon 56
09/20/14 Walker/North Country Races 14
10/05/14 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon 15
10/11/14 Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon 6
10/19/14 Mankato Marathon 8
10/26/14 Surf the Murph 50k 7

I like it, run every outdoor Minnesota marathon in the same year and if I add in the 50k at Surf the Murph it will also move me up a level in the Maniacs from gold to:

And I have decided to go ahead and submit my entry for the Zoom! Yah! Yah! which if I get into it, would get me every Minnesota marathon be it indoor and outdoor in the same calendar year but I will be on the wait list and probably won't get in but at least I have tried. If it doesn't work out that's ok as I am not in even marginal marathon shape and if it does, well it's 49 days away so that will force me out the door as the winter descends which is the motivation I need. If I don't get in though I will try for the 2015 event as that would get me all of the marathons in a year time period.

So to sum it up, I really like the race schedule as I needed a new challenge in my running. My thinking is running the roads for a year will get me healthy and then in 2015 I can either resume my 50 state quest or head back to doing ultras or both ;-).


Anonymous said...

Good luck Westy! Hope the roads are good to you! See you at Lebanon!

John K.

Londell said...

Seems aggressive, although if you recover well, you could be just fine.


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