Monday, August 24, 2015


Last weekend I got up on Saturday morning and decided to try to run in Lebanon Hills. The last time I tried Lebanon I was hobbled for a couple of days but this time I was hoping for a different outcome.

Anyway when I went out to my car, I noticed the gas door was open and the driver side door wasn't completely closed, no big deal I figured I must have just been a hurry when I got home on Friday. I drove over to Lebanon and had decided to wear my Altra Repetitions figuring that they would be nice and stable and hopefully protect the knee and foot. Turns out I was wrong, I had significant knee pain and then foot pain too. Oh well, when I got back to my car I started to reach for my flip flops that Karyn had gotten me (they work great for the PTT) when I noticed that they were gone. Then I checked the center consoles where I had a few singles in one and a $5 dollar bill in the other one. At least I thought I did, then I noticed that there were only my work shoes in the front seat,

Then it clicked, someone had taken stuff out of my car while it sat in our driveway on Friday.

My net loss was $7 in cash, 2 pairs of running shoes and the flip flops.

So be on the lookout for my Brooks Pure Cadence 3, Blue with ~125 miles on them. I loved these shoes, I ran Minneapolis, Med City and 16 miles at Grandmas and was planning on running my fall marathons in them.
Brooks PureCadence 3 Minimalist Running Shoes (For Men) in Caribbean Sea/Black/High Risk Red
My second pair only had ~50 miles but they had caused knee pain previously and I had just added them back into the rotation with the thought that their stability might help he foot.
What a bummer, so I called the Rosemount police to be on the lookout for my shoes.

I replaced my shoes with some low cost options from clearance but they didn't have my Pure Cadence 3's. So I will be looking to get a pair before TCM, as I want them as an option in case the other ones don't work.

So I guess the lesson should be, leave my old shoes in the front seat and make sure I lock my car :-).

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