Monday, September 12, 2016


I have not been blogging much as I just haven't had alignment on wanting to blog and my running so here is a quick update until I get the posts out.

In process are posts for the following:

  • Grandmas 2016 - my 16th Grandmas, my worse ever marathon time and my first marathon with my youngest daughter. All in all we enjoyed ourselves but neither of us had the day we expected.
  • Afton 25k - my first trail run in a couple of years and potentially my last. Lack of knee stability resulted in my inability to run downhills or even run much.
  • Marquette Marathon - Michigan completed but not as originally planned as I hobbled through it, my daughter ran the 1/2 marathon plus an extra 5 miles to get in a long run for TCM and my wife ran the 5k. A fun weekend.
  • My hobble was caused by a "probable lateral meniscus tear" in my left knee, so I will have the following to look forward to - MRI to confirm, possible surgery but prior to that a cortisone shot to help me get through Twin Cities
  • Twin Cities Marathon Weekend - running the marathon with my youngest daughter, the 10k with my wife, the 5k with my oldest daughter and watching my granddaughter running the Toddler Trot. Oh did I mention when I finish it will be my 50th marathon.
  • Thoughts on not running marathons
  • Thoughts and plans to try to return to trails and ultras
  • FANS 12 hour in 2017
  • Grandmas 2017 - my 17th Grandmas to be run on June 17th
  • My plans for completing all 50 states (13 complete)
    • Bucket list marathons
So in the coming weeks I will look to catch up on my planned posts by at least doing short versions of each race I have done this year and then I will hopefully keep going on the other posts. 

Keep running and never ever take it for granted.....................

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