Wednesday, October 16, 2019

TCM 2019

I finished my 15th TCM and truth be told it was a disaster, my worse TCM ever. I barely beat the sag wagon but I did hold on and got an official finish.
Here's my quick overview, the Saturday events were canceled so my Ultra Loony streak ended or I guess get's an asterisk. It was disappointing but the weather was bad, windy and rain and they were concerned with lightning so I think Twin Cites in Motion made the right call, they reacted quickly and their communication was great. They are giving a 10 coupon for a future race which is about all they can do as they had already paid out everything, I will be curious if those of us doing the Ultra Loony or Loony will get 2 coupons. Anyway, for me this was a bad start to the weekend.

Sunday morning, I felt ok yet had this feeling that something was off. I really just felt off, I figured it would pass as the race got going but it did not and things just kept getting worse.

As the race was getting ready to start, I had a headache and I knew I didn't have any advil, it was a pounding one (I seldom get headaches so not good). Then to get me even further off mentally, I figured out by mile 1 that my phone GPS was screwed up which is somewhat normal for TCM but it was off the wrong way. Sometimes at TCM it doesn't register so you hit mile 1 in the race but not on the GPS, this time it was off the other way I hit mile 1 well ahead of the mile 1 marker and it continued to be off over the coming miles, ugh. So this again played with my mind as I had no idea of my pace. I knew with my walk/run I should be ok but not what I needed. My next issue when I was thinking about the GPS, I went up the hill at mile 2 and focused on managing my breathing and then realized I had forgotten my inhaler which I needed later

 It was a beautiful, sunny day without a cloud in the sky, which exacerbated the headache, I did get some Advil from my wife at Nokomis and then shortly after that crossed the halfway point, my GPS was slightly over 14 miles (ultimately it registered 28.7 miles for the race). Around mile 16, I started having calf cramps which limited me further as the race went on.

Ok, with all of those minor things, I was mentally thrown off but I got through it.

I will reset myself and head to Mankato where the goal is to simply stay relaxed and enjoy everything.

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