Sunday, March 16, 2008

Winter blahs are over..............

Well, it has been a few weeks since I last posted.

The lack of posts reflect my running as well. I had a cold for a week or so which sapped my strength and my motivation. The weather then stayed cold, dark and generally yucky. So the poor motivation won out. My weeks looked something like this 0-0-0-5-0-7-0. The good news is I am through it, the motivation is back (yes, it coincides with the weather getting into the 30's, even a couple of 40 degree days).

I ran in Lebanon Hills twice in the last week and am planning on doing my long run (~12-13 miles) there today. It is hard packed snow and ice, just what my Yak Trax were made for. It is so peaceful back in the woods. I can drift away mentally. When I run on the roads it just is so much harder to do this. I am hoping the weather continues to stay warmer along with the time change I can once again hit the woods with daylight. Maybe next winter I will get a light and try to run in the woods in the dark, even a day or two each month might be all it takes to keep me motivated.

Now, I need to stay on track for Fargo, otherwise it will be a long day. Here is my updated training plan.

3/15 - 12
3/22 - 14
3/29 - 16
4/06 - 18
4/13 - 20
4/20 - 15.5 (Trail Mix?)
4/27 - 22
5/03 - 17
5/10 - 11
5/17 - Fargo

What am I thinking, it will be a long day regardless but it will be a more enjoyable day if I do the training..............

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