Monday, February 25, 2008

Fargo is on.........

The plans for the summer continue to shape up. We have signed up for Fargo, I am going to do the Marathon and Karyn the 1/2. Should be a enjoyable trip. The training now takes on an immediate purpose. I need to ramp for Fargo, the current plans look something like this:

3/02 - 12
3/08 - 14
3/15 - 16
3/22 - 11
3/29 - 18
4/06 - 12
4/13 - 20
4/20 - 15.5 (Trail Mix?)
4/27 - 22
5/03 - 17
5/10 - 11
5/17 - Fargo

If I follow the above for the long run schedule and mix in 3 or 4 more days of tempo and easy. I should hit Fargo in ok shape other than the fact that I still need to lose 20+ pounds. Not going to panic on the weight, the goal is by the end of the summer.

As to other marathons, the soccer season looks like Swan Lake will be a no go but Marathon 2 Marathon might work. Beyond that I am thinking I should go for the Afton 50k.

All in all looks a great summer for running, if I do the work, it will be fun, if I don't it will hurt..............

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