Friday, July 4, 2008

Afton, less than 24 hours away..................

It is now just 24 hours from the start of Afton, the weather sounds like it may be a factor - sun and highs up to 84. So the plan will be real simple, show up on time and then take what I get and make the best of it.

I am still kind of tracking for my 50 mile week, although I wasn't able to run 5 yesterday, I had to cut it off after 3 as I was light headed and weak. Not quite the way I want to go into Afton but I think I was just a bit beaten up from the golf the day before. Yes golf, we had a scramble at work and I choose to walk the course versus a cart and I think I may have just gotten a bit dehydrated so I will work on pumping the fluids today. If not from the golf then Afton will be a bit harder but I think it will go fine. My plan is to run 2-3 today just to make sure all is well. So if I run 3 today, finish Afton and then do a recovery 4 miler, I will end up with 51 miles. I know for many that would be a light week but for me it will be highest mileage week in years.

This will be my second attempt at Afton and my first try at the 50k there. I ran the 25k back in 2005 although I had originally signed up to do the 50k but dropped to the 25k as I had sprained an ankle a couple weeks ahead it. The plan that year was to run Grandmas and then run the 50k at Afton but the ankle kept me out of Grandmas. For Afton, I had only been able to run a couple times on the ankle and didn't think it would hold up. That was a good call as I still remember having to walk many sections as the ankle wasn't holding up. So if my log book is right I finished the 25k in around 3:30, I say log book as I looked at the results on-line and they say 2:56 but they also don't list my age or have my first name right so I am guessing my time might be close although it's odd as I don't normally write times down that way. I do remember going into the finish area and thinking there is no way I could do a 2nd loop.

Ok sorry to go off track, Afton tomorrow. My point in looking backwards was to figure out how hard or easy I should go out. So after looking at the past, the plan will be to drop to the back of the pack, take my time, turn my hat around, work on my tan and see if I can run a consistent pace. The goal will be the same as any hot weather event, finish without throwing up. A modest goal but one I do appreciate.

I know that Afton will probably not be an easy day but I think I am ready and regardless of how the day ultimately turns out I will have fun as I will be running trails.

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