Thursday, August 14, 2008

Haulin' Aspen quick report and Grizzly note

I made it through the Haulin' Aspen but it took me about a 1/2 hour longer than I expected. I ran with my HRM and kept my rate around 140 which I thought was an aggressive pace which is what I wanted.

The course was comprised of singletrack and fire roads. The first 14 miles were mostly fire roads and were uphill, the hill from mile 12 to 14 was steep, I walked most of it with a HR between 140 and 150. My guess was it was around 10%+ grade, the previous 12 miles were on a grade of 1-4% so they were runnable. The final 12 miles were single track and downhill, I was a bit disappointed as I just didn't quite have it to run hard the last 5 or so miles and kind of went into the normal marathon shuffle. I think the first 14 took more out of me than I had planned.

Support was good although the last aide station was around mile 19-20 so I ran out of water as I thought there was one more stop. When I got done I told my wife that no way was I ready for Superior, of course a day later, I thought maybe I still could do it.

Two days away from the Grizzly and the body seems to have recovered well, we hiked 4 miles in Glacier National and outside of rolling an ankle all seemed well. The weather forecast is low 90's so hopefully the 6 am start will help, I am pretty sure there is no shade on the course.

On a different note, I have to comment on the beauty of the national parks we have visited, Yellowstone was gorgeous (we plan to swing back through it on way home), Grand Teton was awesome and Glacier is awe inspiring. When we get back I will post some pictures.

On to the Grizzly, my goal for the day is to finish and to avoid heat related issues..................

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Londell said...

Gr8 job! If this keeps up you may be at the 50 on Sept 6? Or at least the Moose Mountain marathon? Stay healthy, stay strong and see you later!


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