Friday, August 22, 2008

Superior decision time???????

Ok, this is the weekend I decide am I going for my first 50 at Superior and if I don't do Superior what am I doing?

So here are my quick thoughts to ponder for the weekend:

Pros of doing Superior
  1. Finished two marathons as final training runs at greater elevation and in heat
  2. Finishing time appears generous with a light
  3. I think I can do it and I want to do it
My pros all make sense to me especially if it's cooler which I gotta believe it will be.

Cons of doing Superior
  1. Didn't have great times in my marathons
  2. Logistic issues for the weekend
  3. Haven't run in the dark and will need to
  4. Not enough real base, no focused hill training, no speed training
  5. No speed
  6. Shoes may be worn out
  7. It is a long way
  8. I haven't run any sections of the trail
  9. Can I still get in?
As to my cons, here are my counter points:
  • Marathon training runs - it's not about time, they were six days apart and it was hot
  • Logistics - Definite potential issue but make up your mind and then see if these are resolvable, they are room, ride and ?
  • Darkness - you have time to work this out
  • Base mileage - True but what is enough - my goal would be to finish
  • Speed - I won't be going fast so it won't matter
  • Shoes - It's on trail you will be ok otherwise get a new pair and work them in fast
  • Long way - yes it is and that's why I want to do it because I don't know if I can
  • Trail familiarity - I did Chippewa with no familiarity and I loved it
  • Entry - Make your decision and try
Ok so between the pros and cons it appears to be a toss up as you can see I am pretty good at rationalizing when I may want to do something even if it's probably not real smart but what are my other options?

Alternates if not doing Superior
  • Glacial Trail 50
October 12 - in Wisconsin - 12 hour cutoff would work but requires 14:24 pace, I would have more time to train but it might not be enough time to get enough training in to meet the time goal. It is the first weekend of MEA so it might work out timing wise.
  • Farmdale 33
October 18 - in Illinois - would add to my 50 state quest, it's a 3 loop course that looks fairly easy but is this the Illinois event I want to do? It is the second weekend of MEA so it might work out timing wise.
  • Grand Rapids Marathon
October 19 in Michigan - would add to my 50 state quest but it's a road marathon, Karyn could run the 1/2 depending on logistics but is this the Michigan event I want to do? Again, it is the second weekend of MEA so it might work out timing wise except it is on a Sunday.
  • Rock Creek 50k
October 25 - in Kansas - would add to my 50 state quest, no real negatives except are there other Kansas events I would rather do? Not MEA weekend but it might work?

  • Wait until next year
Probably not a bad concept, I have run 2 50k's and 4 marathons so my body has tolerated a bit. I could step back and figure out next years goals, commit to a training program and then resume building a base, add in hills and speed workouts but then what would I do this winter?

I think it's time to sit back and make a decision....................


Londell said...

You forgot one pro for Superior... You can catch several 100 mile runners and suffer with us if you are getting tired... Just looking at us is motivation? Whatever you do, your will have made the right decision...

SteveQ said...

One of the wisest comments I've heard was "Any idiot can run a marathon. It takes a special kind of idiot to run an ultra." You can be special too!

RunWesty said...


Thanks for the encouragement.

Steve - I wish I had read your comment before I made my decision, I would like to be that type of idiot and I think a 50 miler (not a 50k) is the minimum entry to the ultra club.


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