Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dr. Update

I decided to go and to see a Dr. for my lower back pain. I thought to myself do I go to the guy who might check out the heart, cholesterol, prostate and all of the other things you get checked when you are a 50+ year old male. Nope I went to the guy who does training and chiropractic and I think I made the right choice.

He asked me what I thought was going on, I told him I had lower back pain and that I thought it was probably muscular more than anything else. He then put me through his process of evaluation and after doing so, he said my diagnosis was on track, matter of fact he paid me a huge complement. He said I win his prize for having the tightest hips he has seen in 2010. He also complemented my ankles for being tight as well as my hamstrings. I said to myself, sweet, I am finally first at something. My wife later said something like, you know that isn't a good thing. Based on the bending and stretching he put me through, I think he would agree.

So the plan will be to work on some stretching for the next week and hopefully I get a bit looser before Afton. If I don't well, it ain't going to be pretty. I ran today with Wayne in Hyland and the back was sore and I had to do more walking than I hope to do all of next weekend. The only thing that complicates it is that I get to sit in an airplane next week for a trip to San Jose. Not a good way to keep the back loose.

Oh a few other medical stats: Blood Pressure was 108/70, Pulse was 52 so no ill effects to worry about from FANS. As to that other Dr, I will go and see him but not until after Afton.

Time to do some stretching..........


wildknits said...

Good to hear you went in and have a diagnosis. And that you will still get the other stuff checked out ;->

Guess you will be that annoying guy on the airplane walking the aisles!

Lesley said...

Stretching's a good thing, be patient with it and you'll see good results!

Nice pressure and pulse! :)


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