Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I was feeling a bit down yesterday, probably cuz it was the end of a long weekend and because I think my legs are a bit dead. It may be that it was memorial day, it may be that yet again I watched my beloved Indy 500 from up here in MN. I hope everyone watched it, what a great race and what a phenomenal crash at the end of the race. Congrats to Dario and hats off to the racing community for all of the safety improvements that they have made through the years, it is unbelievable that the driver (Mike Conway) lived through the crash.

Back to my legs, I have a few days before FANS so no need to worry as I have plenty of time for my legs to rejuvenate themselves. Ok it is a concern, all of my recent runs have been on dead legs. So what does all of this have to with the "Why" title?

Easy enough, I was catching up on the blogs I read when I saw a post from Scott Dunlop. It was his third in a series of posts which he has called "Long Run Revelations". All have been great and I have linked them in so I can find them faster in the future as after rereading them, I am ready for FANS. Yes, my legs may still be dead but my mind is now ready.

What's funny about this title is at work my group is participating in a pilot program we call "LifeWorks". We no longer are calling it "Work/Life" balance as the two are intertwined so we are trying something different. Looks pretty similar though. Hopefully it does help me get a slightly better balance.

No I don't embrace death per se but with both my parents dying in their 50's (Dad - heart attack at age 54, Mother - colon cancer at age 58) I do like the message in this post, don't get so caught up in life's routine that you fail to live. My oldest brother this year made it to 59 so I guess it looks good for outliving my parents but one never knows when the plans get changed. So let's enjoy life and as my mom always used to say, "Stop and Smell the Roses".

I like this one a lot too as it captures the feelings I have worked through during my races except it means that the Abyss lies ahead of me. I know I have gone through the Wall during many races and I have wandered into the Pit on my 50 mile runs but know I now that the Abyss is my future. You know what I am totally ok with that and it may be part of the reason I do this.

So let's hope that I can stay out of the Abyss at FANS, regardless I intend to enjoy myself as I know I will appreciate the experience since I can do it as there many others who can't. It's all about perspective and thanks to Scott, mine is now back on track.

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