Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad day or poor fueling?

I decided to run in Lebanon Hills on my way home from work today and I had possibly my worse run of the year. Zero energy, legs felt dead, nothing in the tank. Although it could have been the heat and humidity, I think I can point to a few other factors that may have set me up for this day.

Let's start with dinner last night, we went to the Ole Piper Inn to celebrate my daughter's new job (congrats to her for officially entering the working world :-) and they had a 2 for 1 pizza special . So my wife and I ordered a black and green olive and 1/2 cheese pizza and my daughter and her boyfriend went for a pepperoni and sausage one. Then you add in a couple of Newcastle's (Smooth, easy Northern English style ale) and I was quite content. Two of my vices when it comes to food, pizza and beer. I love any pizza except for ones with fish and/or pineapples and pretty much any beer but I do favor the ales and stouts the most. About the only other food vice I have is nuts, pretty much any type which means I also love peanut butter as it is derived from nuts, right?. Since I am older and sometimes wiser, I do try to limit the intake of all of these items to special occasions such as celebrating the completion of an event, vacations, family get togethers, participating in an event, hey maybe this is why I weigh what I do? No when I think about it, the weight is probably just related to not running enough.

Back to the food issue. So after the evening celebration, I thought about what I wanted for breakfast this morning and I decided on pop tarts, another vice when I think about it. We normally don't buy these but my daughter had picked them up for her breakfast or to take to work as a quick snack and of course I eat them. About a couple hours later I could feel the blood sugar crash from these and solved that with another cup of coffee. Of course that didn't work so I ate some grapes which seemed to end the crash.

For lunch, I had leftover pizza (pepperoni and sausage), cold pizza that is, nothing better in the world than cold pizza. I added in some baked potato chips (another food from my daughter's shopping) and I was set up for the afternoon run. So as I drove to Lebanon, I drank a 1/2 liter of water and ate an apple that should fix it right? Well, based on the run today, I guess not. So for dinner tonight what else but peanut butter and jelly. So I think I am set for a better run tomorrow.

As to today, lesson learned, what I eat might matter, then again maybe it was just a bad day :-).


wildknits said...

Hmmm... could work on that diet a bit (though I am susceptible to bakery items and poptarts as well).

Not all nuts are bad - good oils in some and protein, mixed with complex carbs a good way to sustain energy.

Peanuts on the other hand... not a nut (legume) and according to one doc I work with not all that good.

I say call it a learning experience and head back out tomorrow for a nice run.

Karen G said...

I should have read this before my bad run Friday at Lunch time to remind me that I need to watch what I eat before so I don't get that blood sugar drop. If it doesnt happen for a while I forget it matters.


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