Sunday, October 31, 2010

Surf the Murph

Beautiful day, fun event and it appears no additional damage was done to myself. It was fun to see so many friendly faces. The weather was perfect and the course was in great shape, I liked the changes that Les made, it will be nice to have a simple loop (x3) for the 50 milers to run even though it made for a slightly longer 25k or 50k course.

I took my time, ran when I could, walked when I needed to and enjoyed myself. In looking at my SportTracks info, I was stopped for 18 minutes, most of which was spent at the aid stations talking to the volunteers. I didn't care too much what my time was as I knew I wasn't in race shape or health and I wanted to simply take in the park. There was more than one time where I simply stopped and looked around. I know the snow will be falling soon (I am totally ok with being wrong on this one), so I wanted to have the memories of Murphy packed away for the winter. For me it's always easy to pull out memories and images (of warmth) to help me get through runs during those cold, dark and snow-packed winter days.

A few pictures from the course, all of these were taking with my phone in the southern section.

Just past the horse park

looking back across the lake around mile 7

Just passed the 9 mile aid station

So my thanks to Les, Cindy, Jim, Molly, Lisa, Bill, Londell, Helen and all of the other volunteers and runners (Wayne, Karen, Mark, Kel, Steve, Kelly, Vicky, Mike, Dane and so many more) that I met during the day for another great Surf the Murph event, can't wait until next year when I hope to get back out there for the entire day.


Kel said...

Great day to be out in the woods! Nice to share the trail with you for a bit - glad the ankle held up :)

Kel said...

Forgot to thank you for the course map complete with mile markers. I'm trying one last ditch effort to save my Garmin by doing the hard reset - or else I'll have to spring for a new one :(

wildknits said...

Glad to hear all is well! Imagine how much stop time there would have been if I hadn't 'kicked' you out of the Natchez Aid Station? ;->

How was the soccer game?

Mike said...

Carleton won, beat St. Olaf, now the MIAC playoffs this week.


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