Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have been giving a bit of thought to what I want to accomplish in my running for 2011 and it's real simple.

Must haves
Run for at least 12 hours at FANS (finish healthy is a must)
Finish the Afton 50k (enter healthy is a must)
Finish the Superior 50 (enter and finish healthy is a must)

Planning on
Running some marathons
Volunteering at a few events
Another Turtle Trot
Running some 5k's, 8k's and/or 10k's with the family
Running Surf the Murph 50
Gobble Gait 8k

Thinking about
Potawatomi 50
Chippewa 50k
Twin Cities Marathon

Nice to haves
Add a few more states to my 50 state quest

That's it. For now :-)


Chris said...

It looks like many of our race goals overlap this year. But I'm looking for a semi-local 100k to take that next jump to running a 100m someday.

Best of luck with training - See you out there!


Mike said...

Sounds like you might be heading over to the Kettle.

See you on the trails.



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