Saturday, January 1, 2011


A week or so before Christmas, I mapped out my must have goals as:

Must haves
Run for at least 12 hours at FANS (finish healthy is a must)
Finish the Afton 50k (enter healthy is a must)
Finish the Superior 50 (enter and finish healthy is a must)

Well they lasted until January 1st, technically December 29th as we have a conflict for Superior, my niece is getting married and we plan to head down for the wedding. It is in Indiana and on Saturday so there is no logistical way to overcome the date conflict and it is a neat date to get married on 9/10/11, yes it also would have been a neat date to finish the Superior 50.

So instead I will simply do a reset and give some thought to what I want to accomplish as a runner in 2011. I do know one goal I have is to PR at Chippewa, now this assumes no snow on the course and a decent running day (no torrential rain, etc...)

Speaking of Indiana, we were there over Christmas, I ran in shorts (it was almost 40 on that day) and the day we left it got up to 61F, oh yeah, on that day all the remaining snow melted away. Could you imagine our trails being clear of snow on January 1st, sweet thought. Today, I checked and their high was still 53F today. As to Minnesota, I think it got up to 9F today. Enough said about that.

Speaking of living in MN, we have lived here for 30 years as of tomorrow. Yes that is right, my wife and I moved here on January 2nd, 1981 and I think it was something like -5F with a windchill of something completely insane like -40F, suffice to say, we never would have guessed that we would be here 30 years later. Just goes to show that we do have more going on here than cold temps and a little snow.

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Mark H. said...

I know conflicts. I've run the Trail Mix team race for the last 4 years and this year my Spring Saturdays are pretty much booked solid. I'll be reworking my plans to focus on Sundays. I may have to scrap my Bighorn 50K dream run butI think the Afton 50K will work out for me as a substitute. It's all ok.


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