Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making progress plus some rambling thoughts

Was able to run 3 days this week and got through 12 miles today, walked every 15 to 20 minutes for a minute to make sure I didn't do any significant damage and I didn't run through the snow as I was afraid I would mis-step. I have been looking for a solution to how to carry a camera, listen to music and have a cell phone. Today, I took my daughter's old EnvTouch today and took this picture.
It is from a church in Apple Valley who's roof fell in (presumably from the snow, no one was hurt). I had a better picture that I took in landscape mode, only problem is I can't see without reading glasses and apparently hit erase vs. save. It's hell getting old :-), (note to self, throw reading glasses into pack or pockets). So I am leaning to upgrading my work phone to allow me to blend all three worlds (pictures, music and phone). For the moment, the envtouch works ok except it is not a working cell phone as I refuse to pay Verizon extra dollars for a data plan so I still need to carry a phone. I also figured out how to sync the phone to my Itunes podcasts using Itunes Agent so I listened to the phone on today's run. I have discovered e-audiobooks recently which is expanding my listening beyond podcasts and music. Our library system is fabulous, maybe everyone's is but I love ours.

I have to admit, it was funny the other day we went out with some friends before going to "Feed my Starving Children" (great org, check it out) and they talked about various things that were in the news, I knew of none of the news of they day they discussed but did know about a new podcast I had heard about listening to "DirtDawg "called "3 non joggers", (two of them do ultras and the third guy is a mailman).

I would be remiss to not say congrats to Wayne for taking on Rocky and getting through 80 miles and to Vicky for working through 60 miles. Does this mean I am on the hook to pace you at Potawatomi? To put what they did in perspective, I think today I might have been able to extend myself to say 15 miles, Wayne and Vicky you guys rock.

Finally, congrats to all of you Packer fans, I was hoping for my Bears to be there but your team finished us off and then ended the season the way Viking fans can only dream about.

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Wayne said...

"Thanks", and "yes, I think so" :)

Glad you're making progress!!


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