Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Learning from mistakes

Actually, I may not of yet have learned but I might be starting to wise up. I have had a history of running through injuries and a history of minor and a few major injuries. All of my major issues have happened away from running that is until last fall when I messed up my ankle and my calf..

Here is what I have proven by running through these injuries, I did not heal as quickly as I could have and might have caused myself some other compensation injuries. Because of these injuries, thus far this year I  have not been able to run any races. My latest race to miss is Afton. What if I had done a better rehab, would I have been able to race?

I thought I was on track to run Afton by dropping down to the 25k but it is not to be.This weekend when the calf tightened up after 3 miles and then again yesterday before the first mile, I have had to face my reality, I am not yet healthy and need to work the calf back into running shape. Since I have worked to get the ankle back working right it only makes sense that now that it is almost healthy my calf is an issue. I am sure some stretching and maybe some PT will get it stretched out again. Last fall, my Doctor told me that the calf would probably be more of a problem than the ankle. Well, he was wrong for 6 months but it appears he now may be right. Ugh.........

So today, I emailed John S. and said do you need another volunteer for Afton? He emailed me back and said sure he could use some cleanup help. I knew when I sent the email that his race was almost full so I wouldn't have much time to make my final decision. Tonight, during church, I decided I should go ahead and sign up for the 25k, since he needed post race help, I might as well gamble and go for it as I would have plenty of time and heck it's only a 25k.

Ok, you might be thinking to yourself that this is the thinking that has gotten me into trouble and fate intervened, I just checked and his race is full.

So for this year I will not risk additional injury at Afton instead I will volunteer.


wildknits said...

Sounds like the gods had your health in mind ;->

Take care of the ankle and leg. Heal fully, there is time left this year and for years in the future to race.

I am putting any longer races off until late fall (if at all) to allow for full healing of the leg and a slow build-up.

Lesley said...

It does sound like a sign---and a chance for more healing! Your body will thank you later, I bet! Hang in there.

Wayne said...

with the course change I definitely think volunteering was the way to go! :)


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