Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Motivation downer - Not much of note going on for my running, I am struggling to get over a recurrence of a calf strain. The calf issue has me continuing to have to walk during every run, when I first started running after the ankle rehab I walked then as a preventative not because I had to. For the ankle it was to keep from overdoing it and even with my taking it easy I still re-strained the calf somehow. Last fall when I had both looked at, my Doctor told me the torn calf would bug me longer than the sprained ankle. I thought he was wrong since the ankle took almost 9 months, now it appears he may be right. I must have tightened up after the 5 weeks off of no running and PT for the ankle. 

Motivation upper - I volunteered at Afton Saturday, what a tough looking course. I am sooooooooo glad that I didn't try to do the 25k, it would have probably ended my season. For all those that participated great work, for John and all of the volunteers (the ones who did all of the work, not me), wow, an impressive recovery from an unfortunate venue change. (The state is shut down thanks to the inability of a Governor to lead and the legislature's ability to do their job, you can see my Independent streak, I blame all of them but last time I checked I expect the most from the chief executive to provide the leadership).

Motivation future - After Afton I was thinking I needed to do something to get my act training towards something when I received this email:

I'm reaching out to you and other bloggers for a different reason and yes, it's related to the upcoming 13.1 Minneapolis race on August 21st.  

In fact, I'm contacting you for two reasons: The first one is awesome, but the second reason really rocks! Ok, first:  I have discount codes for race entries that you can give to friends, family, blogger readers, etc. for both the 5k and the half. Additionally, for mentioning the race on your blog or writing about your experience, I have a FREE entry for you and one additional freebie to give away as you see fit.

Let me get this right, a free entry to a 1/2 marathon that starts in Minneapolis and finishes at Lake Nokomis?

So I have around 7 1/2 weeks to get myself healthy enough to enjoy a course I love (even if it's on the roads :-). Safe to say that I am now a little more motivated to get myself back in the game.

So stay tuned for additional details on the upcoming race and potentially a free entry for someone else.

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Wayne said...

Thanks for posting about the 13.1 Minneapolis race... I might be free that day. :)


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