Sunday, March 9, 2014

Back on track, maybe :-)

I had laid out a reasonable 10 week plan and all was going well until I returned from San Jose to below zero temps and a nasty cough last weekend. I had to abort my long run as I couldn't breathe in the cold air without causing an instant (not very pleasant) reaction, so that led me to re-juggle my schedule yet again and today I sloshed, slipped and even ran on occasion to get in a 13 mile run on an absolutely beautiful day. The temp hit the mid 40's, what a difference a week makes, now it just needs to continue to warm gradually to melt all of this snow and ice. I love spring.

So I am close to be being where I wanted to be I just consumed a weekend with a shorter long run, oh well, who needs a step back week. Anyway, here are the plans for my long runs over the next 7 weeks to get to my first marathon of the year:

I have built my mileage faster in the past but I had a better base and yes I was also in better shape. The good news is I have 6 hours to complete the marathon and I may need every minute.

One thing that I thought about today is how much I love running and pushing myself to get through longer distances, the other thing is that I didn't have any real pain during the run, just very wet and cold feet and legs that kept telling me, are you sure about this?

No calf pain on a run longer than 10 miles is a delight. I wore my New Balance 870's which have a 9 mm drop, I had bought the NB 870's hoping that the higher heel drop would help, they are a supportive shoe with a decent amount of space in the forefoot and for this run they worked out great. My only complaint is that they are so blue and I like my shoes to look dirty and with all of the water I ran through they still look like brand new shoes. I hate running in what look like new shoes, normally I will run into the woods and find some mud but there is still too much snow and no mud is visible, maybe next week I will get a chance.

You gotta have hope, the nice part is that spring is coming and within a month or so, I will have my wish and if we get lucky maybe in just a few weeks.

Bring on the rain and the mud, go away snow and ice, I know I can't wait!!!!!!!!

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