Sunday, March 30, 2014

Long run recap?

The plan for today was to get a 19 mile long run, it didn't happen. As I posted last time, somehow I have injured my knee and the injury is eerily similar to one from the past with one very good difference. The injury, a possible medial meniscus tear, the problem is I have had it in the past, had surgery which means less meniscus so if I have injured it again, well not good.

Why have I jumped to this conclusion, the pain is on the inside of the knee, right at the joint line. I may be wrong but I am not sure what else it could be and based on two past meniscus tears (both knees) it seems similar. Maybe it's bruised, strained or ?.

Anyway, the plan for today was to continue with the Galloway run walk method which is a good approach if you have an injury anyway. All was going well until after 4 or 5 miles I meandered over to Apple Valley and ran a few miles on concrete, shortly after that the knee went from manageable pain to uncomfortable pain. I tried to work through it but as my form started compensating and not in a good way, I decided to abort at 14 miles.

What to do? Ice, stretching, ice, maybe see a doctor? The problem is I have 4 weeks until the first marathon of the year, one final long run in 2 weeks so I have just a few weeks to heal (optimist :-) or to see a doctor or both I guess. The problem is other than another surgery which I don't think is needed, although there is swelling and pain, it hasn't caught or buckled so I think it is minor, just painful at the moment. The main concern, is that I am not sure what they can do except tell me to rest it which doesn't fit my plans. The other problem, we are in vacation next week so getting in to see a doctor isn't real feasible either, so ice, compression and shorter runs are the plan.

Stay tuned...........

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