Sunday, April 27, 2014

Run for the Lakes Marathon - Follow-up

I thought I would try to capture a bit more of what seemed to work.

When I mentioned I had tried CoQ10 and Glutathione (synthesized from Cysteine) to keep my energy up, it was based on this youtube video from UltrAspire, the presenter is Charles Corfield, an ultrarunner.

To me everything he presented made a lot of sense which is why I found his theory on CoQ10 and Glutathione, quite intriguing. In the talk he said that it was up to the user to experiment with the dosages and decide for yourself if it works, he suggested the following:
Experiment you can try
•Take 1 NAC capsule every 5 miles
•Take 1 CoQ10 (100mg) capsule every 5 miles

At Run for the Lakes, I took one of each around 2 hrs (~11 miles) and 4 hrs (~19 miles) so about 1/2 of his recommendation.

Another decision I made was to wear my Nathan vest which made me look weird at a marathon but I was comfortable with it. It allowed me to carry everything I needed and with the exception of needing a water bottle refilled to skip all of the aid stations. I felt guilty running or walking through the aid stations as the volunteers were very enthusiastic especially the young kids.

For the Galloway method, I used my run-walk app and set it up with the 75-60 repeat. Turns out I did 145 repeats. It was quite interesting how it seemed to focus me and how quickly the second loop seemed to flow by. Again, maybe it was the fatigue pills, the weather, the course and the Galloway method all working together. I do know that my current hope is that my knee gets no worse and ideally feels better and I can repeat the experiment at Lake Wobegon.

I was quite thankful that I was at Run for the Lakes versus Chippewa as I am very sure if I had tried to do Chippewa, I would have had yet another DNF. At Run for the Lakes any downhill was painful, the hills at Chippewa along with the uneven surface would have destroyed me.

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