Wednesday, July 16, 2014

And so it goes

I was supposed to run the Eugene Curnow Marathon last weekend and after chatting with Lisa at mile 18 of Grandmas and an honest evaluation of the state of my knee, I chose to not attempt it.

I decided that a slower mileage ramp for the St. Paul Urban Trail marathon made a lot more sense. I got in an 11 mile run over the weekend and well I have some issues to resolve. I had knee tweaks throughout the run even though I did a run-walk, funny thing though my knee seemed to tweak more during the walking. Some would say then run the whole way, problem is I am not in good enough shape to do that. So my slower ramp over the next 6 weeks is a good plan. Later as I cleaned up our garage from our camping trip the knee kind of buckled which caused some intensity.

So I am doing my own version of physical therapy that I found on the web, "rehab for a meniscus tear", hopefully it will strengthen the surrounding muscles and that will help things out.

Here is the mileage ramp I intend (hope :-) to maintain for the Urban trail marathon:

Date Long Run
07/20/14 14
07/27/14 17
08/03/14 20
08/10/14 22
08/17/14 12
08/24/14 St. Paul Urban Trail Marathon

I have about a week cushion at most so I hope things hold together, the nice part is if I have to take another step back I still have 4 or 5 more marathons scheduled for this year. 

My goal is stay healthy and to improve in each event as reflected by ability to enjoy what I have on that day.

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wildknits said...

Was sorry to miss you at the Curnow, but it was a wise decision.

Get healthy - there is always next year for the Marathon Challenge ;-)


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