Saturday, July 5, 2014

Knee follow-up

I had meant to post this when I saw it but forgot about it. It was from my follow-up with my Doctor for my knee I went to Twin City Orthopedics and they provide an online site so that you can see medical history, appointments, etc.....

Anyway here are the notes:

History of Present Illness

Michael returns 15 days out from a left knee arthroscopy (DOS: 5/29/14). He states that he is doing well. He denies any pain in the knee.
HPI: The patient reports no pain and no swelling. The patient also reports not using an assistive device for ambulation.
PE: The surgical incision site clean, dry and intact.

Michael is doing well at this time. He can get back into full activities. I will see him in four weeks if problems, otherwise as needed.

Ok, I wonder what he meant by "He denies any pain in the knee"? Denies, compared to before surgery it didn't hurt, oh well. You can see by his summary that he did give me the conditional go ahead to resume activities and yes we discussed running Grandmas, he just cautioned me to take it slow and to not run through pain.

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