Saturday, August 23, 2014

A step forward

Earlier this week, with the Urban trail a few days in front of me, I did what I have done before, head to the Doctor to get my issue diagnosed so I can get an all clear to run. The diagnosis is a bone bruise on the side of my foot (basically at the ankle), probable recover time of 4 to 6 weeks. He recommended I not run today.

I of course had other plans. On Tuesday I emailed the Urban Trail folks and asked if I could move down to the 1/2. They instantly accommodated me (thank you) so I then started to convince myself that a half was doable and wouldn't cause damage. So on Thursday I attempted a run in Lebanon, kept it to 3 miles and it went ok. I had some pain but it was better than the run I had done the weekend before so maybe the 1/2 was indeed doable. On Friday, the foot hurt more than I thought it had on Thursday. I told my wife that I was running on Friday and that was my plan.

When I got up this morning, I of course had trouble walking as has been the case since I injured the foot, the pain is similar to plantar fascia pain as it radiates in the heel when I walk but seems a little more intense than my previous bouts with plantar and taping does not work. Unlike plantar, it doesn't loosen up, instead I get my rhythm of walking on my forefoot going and it is manageable.

So why is this a step forward? Easy, I chose to not run my race today but instead will bike with the hope that I heal enough to enjoy Moose Mountain.

Next year I plan to run the Urban as I really like their course layout. Give this race a try next year, low key and it explores an interesting area of St. Paul.

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wildknits said...

That is a step forward! Enjoy the bike ride and get healthy for Moose Mountain.


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