Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And so it goes, once again

Well, here I go again. I have the St. Paul Urban Trail Marathon in 10 days and I haven't run but once in the last 12 days as my foot is preventing me from running and hurting quite a bit while I walk. I did read that I could run with my probable injury (a bruised heel, fat pad contusion, whatever...........) as if it hurts when walking then running will do no more harm. I just have wimped out and I am not motivated enough to run through the pain.

Back to the Urban Trail, my money is paid, what do I have to lose Wow this seems familiar, and training for a marathon is overrated, right?

I am hoping that in a couple of days the foot will not hurt and I can run, if not then I will need to ponder things for a few more days. After the Urban Trail marathon I will have 2 weeks to train for Moose Mountain. The nice thing about Moose Mountain is that it has a 14 hr time limit and I would need to maintain about a 30 min/mile pace to make the cutoffs. If my foot gets healed and I can run some then even on that trail, I think I can do it.

So I will need to make the no go call over the weekend. The question is do I run it or not???????


wildknits said...

What is your true love - pavement or trails? If trails (which in my case hurts less) I would say skip the Urban Marathon and let you body full heal for Moose Mountain.


Mike W. said...

Lisa - good advice and yes I like trails, I have a date with Moose that I need to honor.

Right now though trails hurt me more than pavement. Moose will be interesting.

I might do Urban to get some mileage in as I think I am about a day or two away from walking without pain and have yet this year to hurt myself while running :-)

Londell said...


Mike W. said...

Too stubborn or too stupid, I want to run still ;-).


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