Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Data doesn't lie

I was lamenting my recent marathon times trying to figure out how I can get back to running sub 5 hrs or even a little over 5 hrs when I chose to do a little data analysis, here goes.

Key data points:
Image result for cartoon images of data analysis1st marathon - 1993 at age 35, weight ~185
1st knee surgery - 1999 at age 41, weight ~194
2nd knee surgery -2003 at age 45, weight ~205

23 Marathons run from 1993 through 2003
Average time - 4:38
Fastest time - 4:02 (1st and 3rd marathon)
Slowest time - 5:22 (after knee surgery)
Lowest weight - 180
Max weight - 205 (after 2nd surgery)

20 Marathons run from 2004 through 2015
Average time - 5:43
Fastest time - 5:03 (lowest weight)
Slowest time - 6:27 (after plantar rupture)
Lowest weight - 208
Max weight - 230

Image result for running images with quotesSo the knee surgeries did ultimately hurt as did running through injuries and I was 10 years older but the bottom line is weight may be the key issue. It may not come as a surprise but during my first 10 years of running marathons I more often got to the start line injured, many of which should have kept me from running the event. So all things considered, if I want to get faster, the best option would appear to be to drop 30+ lbs and then see what happens.

My plan for this year has been to work on weight and I have dropped a few pounds but my main focus has been on running marathons without causing new injuries. I have had some success but have a few nagging issues that I am working through. My current weight is around 227 down from probably a peak of 235 and I am planning to be at 222 for Grandmas and 212 by TCM.

My actual plan is to drop 35 lbs by 4/1/2016. I set that goal this past April when I realized that my losing weight by running wasn't working and my metabolism probably needed a boost to get things working well. I tend to accomplish things I write down and now by posting it in my blog I am pretty sure I will follow through.

Stay tuned for future updates in the coming weeks.


Londell said...

Stay with it. I also have the same thoughts. I am pretty sure I will stop Grandma's at 30 and not go this year. I just have no desire and I am 70 pounds over your weight...

Mike W. said...

I was debating stopping after this year, it will be my 15th Grandmas, but I have really enjoyed it the last few years. Camping at Pattison have made the logistics so much easier.

I will miss seeing you along Hwy 61, I have enjoyed syncing up with you along the course. If you change your mind, let me know.


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