Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 in Review

How would I describe 2017, a mixed year for my running and life. I had many highs and a few lows and the lows help me keep and put my true priorities in life in sync.
  1. Watching my granddaugher grow up
  2. Enjoying the success of my daughters (they are doing great in their jobs but they are both outstanding young ladies and have been a joy to watch as the continue to grow and mature)
  3. Time spent with the family
  4. Surprising my nephew at the Flying Pig and running it.
  5. Completed Grandma's again
  6. Finished the Ultra Loony (charter member continues)
  7. Won a pair of Brooks Leviate's at TCM (arriving in January)
  8. Finished 4 marathons (add added a state)
  9. Galloway method continues to work
  10. Was able to run
  1. First marathon was the fastest (or is that a good thing)
  2. Disruptive work life
  3. Tore hip adductor 
  4. Brother died in December
As I head into 2018, I am looking forward to getting and keeping all things in perspective and working to cherish the important things in life which are my family, my faith and my running which helps keep it all together both mentally and physically.

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