Monday, May 12, 2008

6 days and oh well, what's next?

Well, it is six days until Fargo and I am still not healthy. My throat has been sore for like 2 or 3 weeks and my runs have been lacking unless you count the record numbers of spits and nose clearings. Another advantage of running away from people.

I ran today and I am glad I only went 8 miles, 18 more would have been problematic. So my plan is to run a couple more times this week and see what happens at Fargo. Hopefully the throat pain will end and the lungs will clear out and Fargo will turn out well, if not, it's only 26 miles and I can work on my tan.

So with the mileage down, what do I think about but of course adding more races. I am still debating running the Marathon 2 Marathon in Iowa on June 14th. The main issue is the weekend before and after my daughter has soccer tournaments so I am concerned about family travel overload. So do I use this event as my last training run before Afton or just go and run trails for 5 or 6 hours. Good question, I think I will decide with my wife on the way home from Fargo.

Beyond this I am thinking that I should try a 50 and am targeting Glacial Trail. If I do this though, then I have a gap in September so the other option is the Superior Trail 50 but I think that sounds like a tougher course for my first 50. Either way, I think a 50 is something I will try this year as I am still intrigued to see how my body will hold up and if I can make the cutoff time. I think there is only way to find out on both issues, sign up and try.........

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