Saturday, May 3, 2008

2 weeks out from Fargo and sick.........

Ok, how many times have I neared a marathon and gotten sick? If I don't get sick before it seems like I always do after.

I got sick about a week after Chippewa, a bad cold (or allergies or whatever) which started getting better before I did a long run last weekend. I then proceeded to get sick again. Now I am just sick of being sick. I wanted to run long again this weekend but it ain't going to happen.

Do I panic and sneak in one more long run or do I just trust in my training for Fargo?

Which leads me to review my top 15 marathon mistakes.

1. Going out too fast (too many times to count)
2. Charging up hills (ditto)
3. Coming in overtrained (left it on my last long run(s))
4. Coming in undertrained (too few long runs - no base)
5. Coming in injured (I have never yet healed during a marathon)
6. Eating something I have never tried before
7. Not drinking enough water (with gu's or without)
8. Drinking too much water
9. Running in new shoes
10. Running in worn out shoes
11. Running when sick
12. Not adjusting for the heat
13. Not adjusting for wind
14. Not adjusting for the running surface
15. Not adjusting for my current weight...........

Being sick this weekend, two weeks out from Fargo, I know I am ready to go, it's just a question of which mistakes (if any) I repeat............

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