Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Marathon 2 Marathon is a go............

As I have said in my last few blogs, if your training goes to hell and you want to get yourself motivated quickly, simply sign-up for another event. That might have been my plan but instead Karyn checked out Marathon 2 Marathon and said let's do it, I will run their 1/2 marathon and you can do the marathon, with that kind of support, what else could I say but Iowa here we come.

I ran Sunday and outside of the blisters (see picture below) which I hoped by running would pop (which one did) it didn't hurt too bad. So what do other runners do with blisters like this, pop them or allow nature to take it's course? What's funny about the blisters is that I talked to someone at work about how I had never had a blister, guess I need to make sure that I only keep those happy thoughts coming in future discussions on running, like I have never had a sub-4 instead :-)

So the plan will be to add some speedwork, and a couple of decent long runs and above all else get the lungs healthy. I would probably be wise to even train at least a little on pavement, since I will be running on pavement yet again. No goals for Marathon 2 Marathon outside of no coughing and gagging.

So if all holds up for the summer, I will be sitting at 8 states completed heading into the fall. Do I try to figure out how to get two more states in? If I do, I can join the 50 states group or do I do the 50 miler and wait until next year or I guess I could try to do both. I think I will let that take care of itself and will simply focus on the summer running commitments and avoiding serious injuries.

So I think I will take a couple of days off to make sure no additional residuals creep in from Fargo and then start up with a consistent plan. I do hope the body holds up and the lungs clear out, oops, happy thoughts, I feel good, I train well, I will run fast, I am healthy, I am a runner.........

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SteveQ said...

Generally, the best thing is to lance the blister with a sterile needle and don't try to remove the skin. If there's pus or red streaks, then you need to be very careful. And if the blister's from frostbite (which I've had), then DON'T pop it.


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